Why We Only Offer A Platinum SEO Package

Much like few houses are built identically, each of our customers websites has its own unique design and architecture. Older sites are likely built with tables under the html 4 specification, not XML compliant. Newer sites are sometimes a single flash file. Some sites use server technologies like MySQL and PHP, others have ASP or .NET architectures. Regardless of the site’s architecture, every site has a different page count.

Given the wide array of design architectures and web page counts, there is no reasonable method to set flat rate pricing for search engine optimization services. There is also no point in offering sub-optimal results with bronze or silver package pricing. What would you want to pay to reach page 3 or 4? Hiring a college student for $9-12 per hour to work on your website is analogous to asking a painter to fix your plumbing and electrical systems.

NYC SEO Expert offers every prospect a complimentary report that details your website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses. Our reports detail your current SEO score and our strategy to improve it. The fee will be significantly less than most highly ranked SEO firms because we do not have the overhead costs of a Madison avenue office, receptionists, and other high fixed cost assets. The return on your investment is always a multiple of the SEO fee. Our experience indicates that over the course of six months, our SEO service will double the number of prospects who visit your website. We’ll leave the math up to you but we’re certain you’ll agree that if you can double your sales prospects and convert 20% of your new leads, you’ll quickly see how increased sales will dwarf your SEO investment.

No matter which SEO firm you choose to work with, we encourage you to realize that SEO is not a one-time task you perform, finish, and move on to another task. SEO is a continual process that requires routine maintenance to evaluate the effectiveness of the SEO work and continually make necessary adjustments. Our monthly maintenance fee is one of the lowest you will find anywhere. We’ll gladly detail the specific monthly tasks we’ll perform and the results they create. Make an informed decision, contact a NYC SEO Expert today.

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